On Desk Meaning

Visible means able to be seen or perceived by the eye or the public. It refers to something that is clearly or noticeably present or obvious, and not hidden or obscured from view.


1. The bright red light was clearly visible even from a distance.” 2. “Due to the foggy weather, the landmarks were barely visible.” 3. “The celebrities tried to remain as visible as possible while attending the high-profile event.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Observable 2. Apparent 3. Evident 4. Obvious 5. Clear 6. Noticeable 7. Perceptible 8. Tangible 9. Manifest 10. Discernible 11. Apparant

Antonyms (10):

1. Invisible 2. Concealed 3. Hidden 4. Camouflaged 5. Opaque 6. Obscured 7. Unseen 8. Imperceptible 9. Covered 10. Disguised 11. Veiled

Word History:

Visible is derived from the Latin word “visibilis,” meaning “able to be seen.” It has evolved to describe something easily perceivable or conspicuous.