Spectrum Meaning Meaning

Spectrum refers to a range or continuum of frequencies or wavelengths in any form of electromagnetic radiation, such as visible light or radio waves.


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Synonyms (10+):

1. Range 2. Scale 3. Gamut 4. Scope 5. Diversity 6. Variety 7. Assortment 8. Assay 9. Array 10. Palette 11. Continuum

Antonyms (10):

1. Monochrome 2. Singular 3. Limited 4. Specific 5. Individual 6. Isolated 7. Homogeneous 8. Uniform 9. Unvarying 10. Invariant 11. Constricted

Word History:

The term “spectrum” originates from the Latin word “spectrum” meaning “appearance” or “image”. It describes a range of colors, sounds, or energies.