Spark can refer to both a physical phenomenon and a metaphorical concept.

"Spark" can refer to both a physical phenomenon, which is a visible electrical discharge, and a metaphorical concept, symbolizing the ignition or initiation of something, such as an idea or creativity.

Physical Spark: – Ember – Glint – Flamelet – Incendiary particle Metaphorical Spark: – Inspiration – Catalyst – Impetus – Trigger – Motivation – Initiator

Physical Spark: – Extinguished – Out Metaphorical Spark: – Dullness – Apathy – Inertia – Stagnation

Physical Spark: – The campfire crackled and sent sparks dancing into the night sky. – When the welder struck the metal with his torch, a bright spark flew out. Metaphorical Spark: – His passionate speech was the spark that ignited the crowd's enthusiasm. – The book provided the spark of curiosity that led her to pursue a career in science.

Spark Gap: A small gap between two electrodes where a spark can be generated, often used in experiments and electrical equipment. Sparkler: A type of firework that produces bright sparks when lit.