Settled Meaning

One such word that encapsulates a variety of meanings is "settled." From expressing stability to denoting resolution, let's dive into the synonyms, antonyms, etymology, and usage examples of this versatile term.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Stable 2. Established 3. Fixed 4. Resolved 5. Confirmed 6. Decided 7. Determined 8. Calm 9. Stationary 10. Sedate 11. Ordered 12. Finalized 13. Regulated

Antonyms (10):

1. Unsettled 2. Unstable 3. Unresolved 4. Upset 5. Volatile 6. Ambiguous 7. Indeterminate 8. Doubtful 9. Perturbed 10. Shaky 11. Insecure 12. Chaotic

Word History:

The word "settled" has its roots in Middle English, deriving from the Old English word "setlan," which means "to put, place, or arrange.

Sentence Examples 

1. The dispute was finally settled after months of negotiation. 2. She felt a sense of settled calm as she watched the sunset. 3. They settled on a compromise that satisfied both parties.

Additional Insights:

Usage in Law: In legal contexts, "settled" often refers to the conclusion or resolution of a case, agreement, or dispute. For example, "The lawsuit was settled out of court."