Regime  Meaning

Regime refers to a system or style of governance, often characterized by a particular ruler or government.


1. The athletes were put through a rigorous training regime to prepare for the upcoming championship. 2. The new diet regime helped the individual lose weight and improve their overall health. 3. The dictator maintained an oppressive regime, suppressing any form of dissent or opposition.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Government 2. Rule 3. Administration 4. Authority 5. System 6. Regimen 7. Power 8. Leadership 9. Regency 10. Management 11. Governance

Antonyms (10):

1. Chaos 2. Anarchy 3. Disorder 4. Turmoil 5. Unrest 6. Rebellion 7. Revolution 8. Dissolution 9. Overthrow 10. Lawlessness 11. Instability

Word History:

Regime originated from the Latin word “regimen” meaning rule or government. It later evolved to refer to a political system or ruling authority.