On Desk Meaning

The phrase "on desk" typically refers to something being physically located or placed on a desk. It can also be used more broadly to denote something being available, accessible, or ready for use or review, often within an office or workspace setting.


1. The report is on my desk. (referring to a physical location) 2. The project is on my desk for review. (referring to something being available for review or attention) 4. The pen is on the desk. (referring to a physical location)

Synonyms (10+):

1. On the table 2. On hand 3. Available 4. In stock 5. In possession 6. At one's disposal 7. Within reach 8. On standby 9. At hand 10. On file 11. Accessible 12. In one's grasp

Antonyms (10):

1. Off desk 2. Unavailable 3. Out of stock 4. Out of reach 5. Out of possession 6. Out of one's grasp 7. Lost 8. Inaccessible 9. Not at hand 10. Deleted 11. Disposed of

Word History:

The phrase "on desk" is a modern English expression that likely evolved from the idea of placing items on a desk for easy access and organization.

Sentence Examples 

1. Please have the report on my desk by 3 PM. 2. I placed the important documents on desk for safekeeping. 3. The coffee mug is on desk, right next to the notepad. 4. She left her keys on desk before heading to the meeting.