Naive Meaning

Naive refers to a lack of experience, sophistication, or understanding, often resulting in a simplistic or innocent outlook on life. It can describe someone who is easily deceived or lacks knowledge of the complexities of the world.


1. He naively thought that winning the lottery would solve all his problems, but soon discovered that money alone couldn't bring him happiness. 2. The naive student copied an entire article from the internet without realizing the consequences of plagiarism.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Innocent 2. Trusting 3. Simple 4. Unsophisticated 5. Inexperienced 6. Gullible 7. Childlike 8. Unworldly 9. Green 10. Credulous 11. Artless

Antonyms (10):

1. Experienced 2. Sophisticated 3. Savvy 4. Worldly 5. Astute 6. Knowledgeable 7. Wise 8. Seasoned 9. Insightful 10. Discerning 11. Knowing 12. Canny

Word History:

The word "naive" originated from the Latin word "nativus" meaning "native" or "innate", later influenced by the French word "naif" meaning "natural" or "simple".