Inheritance Meaning

Inheritance is a mechanism in object-oriented programming that allows a class to inherit the properties and behaviors of another class.


1. In the family meeting, they discussed the fair distribution of their father's inheritance among the siblings.  2. The inheritance of certain genetic traits is a fascinating topic in the field of biology.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Legacy 2. Bequest 3. Patrimony 4. Heritage 5. Estate 6. Birthright 7. Heirloom 8. Endowment 9. Devolution 10. Succession 11. Property

Antonyms (10):

1. Discontinuity 2. Disrepair 3. Obsolescence 4. Dissipation 5. Fragmentation 6. Extinction 7. Abolishment 8. Disintegration 9. Termination 10. Annihilation 11. Elimination

Word History:

Inheritance is the passing down of assets, property, or traits from one generation to the next. It has roots in ancient civilizations and has evolved over time.