Infrastructure refers to the physical and organizational structures and facilities that are necessary for the functioning of a society or organization.


1. The government invested heavily in improving the infrastructure of the country, including building new roads, bridges, and airports. 2. The company’s expansion plans were hindered due to inadequate infrastructure in the rural areas where they wanted to establish their operations.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Public works 2. Facilities 3. Framework 4. System 5. Utilities 6. Structure 7. Network 8. Architecture 9. Engineering 10. Construction 11. Roads

Antonyms (10):

1. Wilderness 2. Unoccupied 3. Neglected 4. Desolation 5. Barren 6. Nonexistent 7. Ruin 8. Abandonment 9. Impoverishment 10. Decay 11. Disarray

Word History:

The word “infrastructure” comes from the Latin “infra” meaning “below” and “structura” meaning “a building” or “construction,” referring to the underlying framework of a society.