Inferred  Meaning

Inferred means to draw a conclusion or make an educated guess based on evidence or reasoning, rather than being explicitly stated or directly communicated.


1. Based on the evidence presented, the detective inferred that the suspect was guilty of the crime. 2. The professor inferred from the student’s thoughtful questions that they had a deep understanding of the topic.

Synonyms (10+):

1. concluded 2. deduced 3. gathered 4. reasoned 5. assumed 6. surmised 7. speculated 8. hypothesized 9. postulated 10. divined 11. deduced

Antonyms (10):

1. Explicit 2. Stated 3. Verified 4. Demonstrated 5. Proven 6. Conclusive 7. Direct 8. Certain 9. Known 10. Evident 11. Observable

Word History:

Inferred originated from the Latin word "inferre" meaning "to bring in" or "to deduce." It evolved in the late 16th century.