Collaborating Meaning

Collaborate means to work together with others on a project or task, combining efforts and ideas to achieve a common goal or outcome through cooperation and joint effort.

Synonyms for Collaborate (10+):

1. Cooperate 2. Team up 3. Work together 4. Conspire 5. Partner 6. Join forces 7. Coact 8. Unite 9. Combine efforts 10. Engage in joint effort 11. Pool resources

Antonyms for Collaborate (10):

1. Compete 2. Disagree 3. Oppose 4. Isolate 5. Work independently 6. Conflict 7. Dispute 8. Resist 9. Detach 10. Work in isolation

Word History:

The word "collaborate" originates from the Latin word "collaboratus," which is the past participle of "collaborare." "Collaborare" combines "com-" (together) and "laborare" (to work). It first appeared in the English language in the mid-19th century.

Sentence Examples:

1. Their willingness to collaborate resulted in a groundbreaking discovery. 2. Despite their differences, they managed to collaborate on the charity event. 4. The rival companies chose to collaborate on a joint venture to explore new markets. 5. The team's inability to collaborate led to project delays and inefficiencies.