ASO Meaning

ASO, short for "Administrative Services Only," refers to a healthcare arrangement where a third-party administrator manages administrative functions like claims processing and enrollment for self-funded health insurance plans.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Third-Party Administration 2. TPA (Third-Party Administrator) Services 3. Healthcare Plan Administration 4. Claims Management Services 5. Self-Funded Insurance Administration 6. Benefit Plan Oversight 7. Insurance Administrative Services 8. Health Plan Management 9. Claims Processing Outsourcing 10. Enrollment Administration

Antonyms (10):

1. In-House Administration 2. Full-Service Insurance 3. Comprehensive Insurance Services 4. Direct Plan Management 5. Insurer-Managed Services 6. Integrated Benefits Management 7. Inclusive Healthcare Administration 8. Complete Claims Handling 9. End-to-End Enrollment 10. All-In-One Benefits Oversight

Word History:

The term "ASO (Administrative Services Only)" is a descriptor used in the insurance and benefits industry to signify that a third-party administrator is handling the administrative aspects of a self-funded insurance plan.

Sentence Examples 

1. ASO arrangements can enhance flexibility and transparency in managing health insurance programs. 2. The TPA's expertise in ASO services helped the company optimize its healthcare benefits. 3. Employers considering ASO should evaluate the reputation and capabilities of potential third-party administrators.