Allocate Meaning

"Allocate" is a verb that means to distribute or assign resources, funds, tasks, or responsibilities systematically to specific individuals, groups, or purposes.

Allocate Synonyms

Synonyms (10+): 1. Assign 2. Distribute 3. Apportion 4. Allot 5. Delegate 6. Allocate 7. Dispense 8. Parcel out 9. Share 10. Divvy up 11. Portion

Allocate Antonyms

Antonyms (10): 1. Withhold 2. Keep 3. Retain 4. Hoard 5. Collect 6. Concentrate 7. Centralize 8. Amass 9. Stockpile 10. Pool

Allocate History

The word "allocate" comes from the Latin word "allocatus," the past participle of "allocare," which means "to place," "to assign," or "to distribute." The Latin word is a combination of "ad" (to) and "locare" (to place).

Sentence Examples:

1. Please allocate these supplies to the different teams as needed. 2. The teacher will allocate different roles to the students for the class presentation. 3. The charity organization will allocate food to the needy families in the community. 4. The company decided to allocate a portion of its profits to employee bonuses.