ACC Meaning 1

Atlantic Coast Conference:

ACC is also used to refer to the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is a collegiate athletic conference in the United States. It is particularly well-known for its basketball and football programs.

ACC Meaning  2

Air Combat Command: In the context of the United States Air Force, ACC stands for Air Combat Command, which is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping combat-ready air forces.

ACC Meaning  3

American College of Cardiology: ACC can represent the American College of Cardiology, a professional medical organization focused on cardiology and cardiovascular medicine.

ACC Sentence

1. After all, despite years of PR and realignment, the ACC is still a basketball conference. 2. On December 7, the Seminoles will play the Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Game in Charlotte. 3. They sniffed once at the bar, but followed their stubbled chins into the back room at max acc.

Other Info

ACC abbreviation for(in New Zealand ) 1. Accident Compensation Corporation