Abrasive Meaning

Abrasive refers to a substance or material that is rough, hard, or coarse in texture, often used for grinding, polishing, or cleaning surfaces.


1. The abrasive cleaner was effective in removing the stubborn stains from the kitchen sink. 2. Despite his abrasive attitude, he managed to win the argument with his sharp and cutting remarks.

Synonyms (10+):

1. Rough 2. Harsh 3. Coarse 4. Scratchy 5. Corrosive 6. Razor-sharp 7. Sandpapery 8. Gritty 9. Brash 10. Spiky 11. Prickly

Antonyms (10):

1. Smooth 2. Soft 3. Gentle 4. Polished 5. Delicate 6. Fine 7. Silky 8. Soothing 9. Nonabrasive 10. Mild 11. Pleasant

Word History:

The word “abrasive” originated in Latin in the 17th century and referred to rough substances used for polishing. It later extended to describe people who are harsh and unpleasant.